Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8 Months!

Vann Alexander, if I had the power, I would keep you a baby forever and always! You are SO fun! I love taking you out of your car seat and caring you into a store. Typically, I have to carry you and push the cart too. You do love your mommy! You love all balls. Taking you to your first soccer practice was almost too much for you to handle. You wanted down to catch all the balls. I am worried about how the first game might go next week! You have been squealing very loudly the last few days. You have sounded like you say "hi" since you were little bitty. You hate baby food, but love table food. You've even tried cotton candy. Being the third child,has its perks! You also love drinking water from a big cup. You are pulling hair and hair less and less, but no go for the nose! You have two of th xutest teeth ever, won't sleep in your own bed and think opening and closing doors and cabinets is the most fun thing ever. Water is your FAVORITE. Whether it's in the bath, the dog bowl, swimming, or raining, you just want in it to splash your heart out! I am so in love with you, little boy. I am sad you are getting so big so fast. I love holding you SO much. Your smile and laugh are infectious! Being outside makes you so happy. You usually chase after Gavin's basketball as he plays. You do love Gavin so much! He plays with you so well. He takes you on the "bubba train" around the room to keep you happy while I get work done. Carrigan says, "it almost hurts he's so cute!" Her favorite is to cuddle you after you first wake yup. That's daddy's favorite too. Your eyes are blue and your hair is blonde. Your skin is the softest thing ever! I love taking walks with you as you drink from your sipping, my goodness how I wish you'd take a paci! You are cuddled in bed with me falling back asleep during your nap. You will crawl around the house when you wake up. You. Egan sitting up at 4 months and crawling, pulling up & cruising furniture all at 6 months. Mommy loves you!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Vann is 6 months!

Vann, I apologize for not blogging the way I did for your older brother and sister. It is not because you are the third child and therefore less special. You were handpicked by God to come at the exact right moment. I fawn over you like you were my first. My goodness how I love you.

6 month check up:
18 lbs - 75th percentile
28 inches 85th percentile

You are crawling, crawling, crawling! If you see plastic or paper on the floor, you make a mad dash to get to it before we can take it away! You go from room to room and Gavin & Carrigan think its too funny to watch! They do have to keep their rooms super clean as to keep objects out of your mouth, though. You love big sisters room the most because of her window that looks out onto the neighborhood and she has a keyboard you like to bang on. You like to crawl after a ball and of course after Teller and phoebe!

You don't like baby food yet, but will eat small amounts of yogurt and I've snuck you spaghetti sauce which you thought was quite yummy! You won't take a paci. You cry when mommy hands you over or leaves the room. Carrigan will say, "Oh, Vann, why do you just lov our mommy so much?!?" Sister is quite jealous that you not cuddle her the same way you will with me. :)
You love to BANG objects on surfaces. The louder, the better! You have your first tooth!

You won't sleep in your bed. You sleep In bed with me. During you long naps I just hang around next to you or fall asleep. I'm pretty sure this means you are rather spoiled, but that is the blessing a stay at home mother is allowed, - Whn I lay you down in your crib, you lift up your legs and slam the down. It makes a louder thud than my bed. You instantly know you are in your bed and pop up. You do the slam test in Mommy's bed, then relax and keep sleeping. Silly, smart baby. :)

You cry in your car seat and it gives mommy a heartache, I can't unbuckle you fast enough when we arrive. I can't stand to hear you cry for me.

You love Gavin to hold you and walk around the room. You bite on his shoulder. Pulling his hair while giving him luvins is also a fav. To keep you calm if I need to walk around without holding you, w play the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gavin started KINDERGARTEN!!!

I can't believe I am doing a post about Gavin going to Kindergarten! This blog is supposed to be about babies & toddlers, not Kindergarteners! Wow!!

I have been praying over this moment for years. When Gavin turned 3, I had major anxiety about it. It was so far away, yet waaayyy too close. I didn't want him out of my hands in a place where I am not allowed to pop in and check on him with hugs and encouraging words throughout the day. Boy that has been hard to prepare for!

The best thing we have ever done was put Gavin and Carrigan in Preschool. It was only 2 days a week, but prepared the whole family for elementary school. Yesterday, I told Levi it was the best money we've ever spent! It's calmed my nerves by 1000%!

The morning of the first day of Kindergarten, I woke up early, took my shower, then sat on the living room floor and sewed a button onto a pair of pants. Gavin woke up, started to turn into our room to cuddle with daddy, but decided to give me a smile and stay to talk. Gosh that was a blessing! When he crawls into our bed, he is glued to it! There were no big complaints about going to school. No tears. I think it helped that the morning before, we played on his new school playground and he knew two of his friends from preschool would be in his same school. We got dressed, packed the lunchbox, grabbed all his stuff, took pictures outside, where he decided to say, "Kindergarten!" instead of "cheese!" and we took a deep breath and drove away!

Levi took the entire day off to help with my nerves. (apparently I asked hm to in a moment of stress, however, I don't remember it! ha) As we pulled onto the road to the school, I reached back, grabbed Gavin's hand and prayed aloud. (he told me on the ride home the first week of school that he prayed at random times throughout the day. LOVE hearing that!) We parked and walked him up to the sidewalk and waited with all the other parents and students. Still, everyone was calm. Onto the gym to wait again. He waved at some children he knew and took in the large crowed room. We reached his classroom, put his things away, and watched his face turn red with nerves. He sat in his seat and whispered up to me, "I don't want to be here." I took deep breaths to keep calm. Still, no tears.
We walked out of the classroom & Levi didn't feel like he had gotten a proper hug, so he kept sticking his head through the doorway so Gavin could see him smiling and waving. Leaving him was the hardest part of my morning. Every time Levi walked halfway down the hallway, turned around and went back for another smile and wave, my breaths got deeper and deeper trying to hold back any tears. But none came. None came to Gavin either. We survived!

Levi, Carrigan and I spent the day trying to pass the time. A coffee shop. Walmart. Flea Market. Walmart again. (I mean, who willingly goes to Walmart twice in one day) Then on to pick up big brother.

He got in the car with a smile on his face! He had a great day! One of my biggest prayers was that he find his friend, Austin, on the playground, and sure enough he did! They had lots of fun together! As requested, we stopped for a grape slush at Sonic and had his FAVORITE Poppyseed Chicken for dinner. He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow at 7:30 and woke up early the next morning to get in some video game time. After we were in the hallway in line with the other children, he wanted me to wait until he got to go into his classroom to leave. He had no problem with me not walking in. Carrigan and I spent the morning at the park & playing outside with neighborhood friends. I was okay, until at one point I saw Gavin's helmet sitting unused in the garage. All the sudden, I missed him so terribly!!

The best part about these first two days was this afternoon when picking him up. He climbed into the car, sat down and announced, "I Love Kindergarten!" I told him I am so excited for him and he says, "I am excited for myself that I get to go back tomorrow!" Prayers answered! Gosh, that makes things so much easier for us all!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gavin: Person of the Week

Gavin, you were Person of the Week at school, and this is what you chose to write about :

Hi! I am Gavin Sawyer Carson-King. I was born on July 24, 2007. When I am at home, my favorite thing to do is play outside with my sister Carrigan and all our neighbor friends. We love to ride our bikes! I learned how to ride without my training wheels and even had a bicycle birthday party where 40 family and friends came and had bicycle races! I won! I also love to play all 3 of my Little Big Planet games. I have a lot of tractors, Lego's and fun places to hide during hide and go seek. One thing I do a lot is work out with my Daddy to be healthy and get big muscles. You have to eat fruit like grape and apples too. My Mommy and I like to go on dates and color pictures together. I just got really cool bunk beds and I sleep on them with all my stuffed animals. My favorite is Police Officer Brownie Bear. My cousin Madi comes over a lot and my Nana brings us sweet tea and M&M's. My best friends are Dayvion, Jekobe and Carson. I have a cat named Mindi Lou who is grey and white  She is one year old. I am really good and bowling and like to play the games after. My favorite thing my Mommy makes is Poppy seed chicken and my favorite restaurant is McAlister's. When I grow up, I want to be that person who puts all the cut down trees in his truck.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Carrigan: Person of the Week

Carrigan, you were person of the week at your preschool this week. You had to write in a journal about yourself and this is what you chose to write about:

My name is Carrigan Bailee Carson-King. I was born October 23, 2008. I live with my Mommy, Daddy, big brother Gavin, and our cat Mindi Lou. Kittens are my favorite thing in the world. I love to go to pet stores and the animal shelter to look at the kitties. When I grow up, I am going to marry my Daddy. For my 4th birthday, I had a Princess Tea Party and got a wedding dress, veil, tiara and high heels so I can pretend I am getting married. I wish everything in the world was pink and sparkly because it is my favorite color and all the dresses were rainbow and every single girl had a tiara with crystals and diamonds. My favorite thing to eat is ice cream, chocolate and candy. I could drink milk and chocolate milk all day. I like to go to Chick-fil-A and the park with my family. I love, love, love to draw pictures and play in the mud in my backyard. It is fun when my Mommy lets me put on makeup and nail polish. I like my friends DayDay, Jekobe, Kingston, Mr Tony & Mrs Jessica and I miss them because they lived across the street, but moved away. When I go to bed, I like to sleep with all my stuffed animals and I call them my babies. When I grow up, I want to be a cat lady. I love my Mommy, Daddy, Gavin, Nana, Aunt Alicia and Madi very much.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Babbling Bubba

I wanted to find a video of Gavin babbling... he did this for probably only 2 weeks or less. He was the kind of toddler that didn't speak unless he knew the word to say. The phase was short, but how I loved it!

Here I found him on top of Nana's table, with my concealer and blush on his face. It was so cute hearing his "excuse" for being up there! In the video he was 19 months old.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Blog Post - Facebook Style

With Gavin turning 5, I thought it would be fun to go back and compile a list of my favorite Facebook posts from when the kids were just Toddlers/babies. I've wanted to do this for a while, but thought I'd be too bummed about not including comments because sometimes that's the best part. Well, if you click on the date above the status, you can see comments! Yay!

Of the 775 days Carrigan has been on this Earth, she has yet to sleep through the night. She may kill me.
Most little girls sleep with baby dolls & blankies. Mine sleeps with a big red rubber ball and stick pony. Love her.
Back door wide open, giggling kids running in and out, perfect weather & a clean house. Happy Saturday. :)
Gavin: "My armpit is gone, Mommy. I don't know where it is, but it's gone!"
When your 24 month old responds to "Carrigan, get in bed" with "I too busy" she may be too smart for her own good.
Me: "Wow Gavin, you are strong." Gavin: "Yes. Only boys are strong, but girls can wear bras." --- Where did I go wrong??

Gavin: "I will not chest bump NaNa tomorrow because we have to be careful in church."
An ENTIRE carton of eggs broken all over the kitchen floor & a bag of shredded cheese mixed in. Apparently Carrigan has learned how to open the fridge by herself.
The ringing of doorbells during nap time should be illegal.

I just e-mailed my husband about how good my new deodorant smells. Perhaps I need to get out of the house more.
C: Oh my gosh. G: Oh MY gosh C: It's MY gosh! --- G: I got booboo on my belly. C: It's MY booboo. G: No it's not! ---- ALL DAY LONG!
Me: "Do you want cereal or oatmeal?" Gavin: "Do I want french fries? Yes." -- I think he's feeling better this morning!

My children fall asleep so quickly in my arms. I wonder if that is how God intended them to sleep.
My 1 yr old daughter in a parking lot to a Semi truck driver, "Big truck hurt me! It's no no! Go Away!!!"
Just found out a 3 yr old is still considered a toddler. I am downright giddy. =)

We did it! Look at me! Chocolate cereal all gone. At store? -- Things said by my 20 month old today. My girl amazes me!
"You be nice today and X and Y and Z." --- Gavin getting right to the point while arguing with his sister.
"Mommy, you happy I big?" asks my soon to be 3 year old. So many big answeres attatched to such a small question.
My son is directing his sister in a photo shoot. "Let me see your eyes. Smile! Look at camera, Carrigan." -- Wonder where he gets it?!?! :)
Me: Gavin, tomorrow is your birthday! We are staying in a hotel Gavin: Yes! My Birthday. I watch Tv in my underwear!

My daughter chased down a little hispanic girl yelling, "It's Dora, Mommy! It's Dora!"
is waiting on my mother to arrive. Why? Because my daughter squeezed out an ENTIRE BOTTLE of mustard onto my living room carpet. -- Picture to come.
-- Gavin: "Carrigan, sweetheart, Gavin said No Ma'am." World's most polite 2 yr old or what?? :)

Me: "How are ya'll sliding on the floor like that?" Gavin: "Carrigan peepeed."
Both kids asleep by 7:30. I feel like I should be giving an awards speech.

You're only cool if you run out of gas with no phone mere hours after your husband leaves town.
5:45 Carrigan wakes up - will only eat pizza for breakfast - throws roll of toilet paper in toilet - now 7:00 a.m. & waiting for her next move.
Ah to find your son looking through your comforter, holding his bug catcher asking, "Where my worm go?"

Gavin: "A kiss, pretty girl?" (big hug and kiss) Carrigan: "Thank you, Bubba." My babies are the best. :)
taught her kids how to hunt for earthworms, blow wishing flowers, splash in mud puddles, & stop to listen to the wind blowing in the trees this afternoon. Happy day.
Carrigan has used the potty 5 times today! I am just so darn proud!
It's not the mounds of toys, sounds of laughter, or artwork on the fridge that prove I live with 2 toddlers. It's the tiny tennis shoes I found in the dishwasher.
"Mommy needs alone time" means nothing to my children.
is still laughing. I turned on the TV, shouted, "Hey Gavin, Dora is on." He ran towards the TV, lifted his hand in the air and yelled, "THANK YOU, GOD!!!"

watched her 13 month old open dresser drawers one by one to use as stairs to climb to the top. It's no wonder I am getting grey hair.
found that when you have kids you give up all rights to stand under the umbrella in the rain.
is making a list of Carrigan's words at 12 months. So far I've counted 20! Smart girl!!
is listening to Gavin complain about his "hairbutt." (haircut)

watched Carrigan open a 450 degree oven. Lord have mercy on me, as I'm still not sure if I'm having a heart attack or not.

is wondering why today of all days did Gavin learn to climb on the kitchen counters AND get into the hall closet. *sigh*

wonders what on earth possessed my sweet boy to turn into a biting, hitting, kicking, hair pulling toddler.

Goodnight Stars... Goodnight Air.... Goodnight Noises Everywhere...
just heard 2 dreaded words, "Momma Mean" =(

just unpacked groceries while 6 months pregnant and holding a baby on my hip in 102 degree weather. UGH!